The typical menu



Rolls of Cinta Senese lard and
Spelt with fresh truffle
Sliced meats and vegetables under oil


First courses


The Ribollita
Pinci with crumbs


Main course


Wild Boar with Polenta
Braze with Brunello




Selection of pecorino cheeses
Selection of goat cheeses from organic farming




Honey Apple Pie
Glazed figs

Taken from the Travels of Republic
N ° 25 of April 1998


Anna and Mario, home and winery.
You feel like home to Il Giglio, especially in eating. Il Giglio is also a hotel with 12 cozy rooms, in an old Palazzotto in the heart of Montalcino. To make the atmosphere familiar we think the mustache of Mario, sympathetic innkeeper, and the kind friendliness of Anna who gives herself to the stove to stock up on how suggestive has the cuisine between Siena and Maremma. Pinci with sauce, scottiglia of wild boar, tripe, pork chops, Fiorentina, beans. This classic declination starts from the mixed croûtons (those to the onion are remarkable) and from the cured meats and closes with the fried of quality (good in season that of porcini mushrooms as well as the soup of porcini). Good desserts. The cellar speaks mainly of red and Brunello. And it’s already a lot.